NAICENigeria Annual International Conference and Exhibition (Society of Petroleum Engineers)
NAICENorth American Institute for Catholic Evangelization
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Should we expect to see a bigger and innovative NAICE 2019 and SPE in the coming year?
SPE and NAICE continue to break new grounds and explore blue ocean territory and our team of volunteers will always come up with innovative programmes and activities designed to share technical knowledge and provide avenues for professionals to develop their technical expertise.
How will the structure of the NAICE 2019 programme support or encourage the participation of mid and downstream sector of the petroleum industry?
procurement of works in dz osijek and in dz naice (zs koka, zs podgorac and zs durdenovac) in accordance with the costs shown in annex 1 to don and the project documentation contained in annex 2 of the don.
Cleaning and maintenance services at the naice health center and the regional outpatient clinic.
Performing works on the restoration and arrangement of the kindergarten zvoncic in naice. The works cover the finishing works of interior decoration of the existing kindergarten building and the kindergarten garden fence, all according to the types of works from the treasury.
naice in zlatko balokovic street, for the construction of a connecting promenade between zlatko balokovic and antun mihanovic street on cat.
Contract award notice:Additional work on the construction of a retaining wall along the tracks Naice - Nova Kapela Batrina, section Naice - developable points to Naicecement, right (north) side of the cut from km 2 + 927 to km 3 + 115 on the basis of Contract No.
Invitation to tender: The Service Passenger Transport Buses From Pleternica - Naice - Pleternica
Invitation to tender: Reconstruction Of Electrical Installations And Systems Lightning Protection On Business Building Plant Naice
Invitation to tender: Planning Office Building Plant Naice