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NAIDOCNational Aboriginal and Islander Day of Celebration (Australia)
NAIDOCNational Aboriginal Islander Day Observance Committee (Australia)
NAIDOCNational Aboriginal Islander Day Observance Celebration (Australia)
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Local Land Councils, some Aboriginal organisations, City Councils, and various community organisations either jointly or separately hold annual Aboriginal events such as the NAIDOC (The National Aboriginal Islander Day Observance Committee) Week celebration.
To counter this attitude, I shifted the task focus to performing the works for NAIDOC (National Aboriginal Islander Day Observance Committee) Day.
A similar exception applied to United Nations day, Sorry Day and NAIDOC week, she said, although the policy was silent on how long those flags could be flown instead of the Australian flag.
Teaching for diversity is not about ticking a box and saying we have 'done' diversity simply because we might have celebrated NAIDOC week or have dressed in traditional costumes or tried different foods.
Harmony Week, NAIDOC week) and liaising with mainstream staff.
This has included large group meetings, small group meetings, radio interviews, newsletter items and stalls at community fairs such as the Aquatic Festival and NAIDOC day on the Esplanade.
We have had the tenth anniversary of the release of the Bringing Them Home report, which told the stories of the Stolen Generations; the fiftieth anniversary of NAIDOC, which celebrates Aboriginal and Islander cultures in Australia; and the fortieth anniversary of the 1967 Referendum, which gave de facto recognition to the citizenship of Aboriginal and Islander people.
Come times for Aboriginal celebrations, like NAIDOC Week, that's a matter of everyone getting together.