NAIFCNorth American Ice Fishing Circuit
NAIFCNorth American Ice Fishing Championship
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A buddy who fishes the NAIFC confided that this untapped spot would have won the recent tournament.
At most of these NAIFC events, Bjonfald and crew employed pre-ice scouting methods to unearth tournament sweet spots.
An informal poll of over 20 of the top teams fishing the NAIFC tournament trail revealed that nearly every competitor relies on tungsten, at least sometimes.
Meanwhile, fishing the same ice from a different mindset is perennial tourney contender and 2005 NAIFC Champion Tony Boshold.
Top-rated NAIFC angler Jacek Gawlinski recently unveiled the Bentley Fishing "Tarantula Jig," also featured in the 2011 In-Fisherman Ice Fishing Guide.