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Meanwhile, the work's murmuing Vietnamese and Mandarin narration brings to mind the Cantonese phrase for slurring one's words: gwai sihk naih, literally "ghost eating dirt." The cultural geology of ghosts in this show added welcome nuance to the language of horror in Asia, where the massive successes of Ringu (The Ring, 1998) and Ju-on (The Grudge, 2002) propagated a homogeneous iconography of the supernatural--long hair and white gowns, devoid of cultural specificity.
BAGHDAD / NINA/ Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari discussed in Tehran with Ali Tayyip Naih, Economy and Finance Minister and officials of the customs, tax bodies and investment in Iran expanding the horizons of the tax and investment cooperation between the two countries.
Even though in his book Buckton keeps referring to "Bohemians", the titles of songs indicate that when it comes to the ethnicity of the settlers and the identity of their music the situation is somewhat more complicated: Hans gaih Hum, Naih Aulhaien Walzer, Wenn bait Mutter ma huasn qflickt.