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NAISNational Association of Independent Schools
NAISNational Animal Identification System (United States)
NAISNext Generation Active Integrated Optic Subsystems
NAISNational Association of Investigative Specialists
NAISNASA Acquisition Internet Service
NAISNational Agricultural Insurance Scheme (India)
NAISNational Atlas Information Service
NAISNothing As It Seems (Pearl Jam song)
NAISNorwegian Aeronautical Information System
NAISNorwegian Artificial Intelligence Society
NAISNational Automated Identification System (US Coast Guard)
NAISNational Association for Information Services (Washington, DC)
NAISNavy Attitudinal Information System
NAISNews Analysts in International Security
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Nais has devoted the past decade to studying the park's Rafflesia species for his dissertation at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.
Male blooms outnumber the females about 6 to 1, Nais reports.
"Try to resist the sticker shock reaction," counsels Mark Mitchell, director of financial aid services at the NAIS. "A lot of schools offer aid to reduce the tuition costs publicized in their brochures or Websites.
Approximately 17% of NAIS students receive need-based financial aid.
The NAIS is clearly in opposition to the search and seizure laws upheld by the Fourth Amendment of the U.S.
As if that weren't enough, the NAIS also has the potential to violate both the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, which state that no one can be deprived of property without due process of law.
E 22, the NCBA has lobbied the House Agriculture Committee to urge the USDA to put the NAIS database administration into the control of the NCBA itself.
NAI Global was acquired in 2012 by C-III Capital Partners, a commercial real estate services company engaged in a broad range of activities, including primary and special loan servicing, loan origination, fund management, CDO management, principal investment, title services and multifamily property management.
NAI believes that its proven idea and method, providing a single point of contact for each corporate client, but assigning individual jobs to local members, promises maximum efficiency, particularly in secondary and tertiary markets.
For more information about NAI Southcoast, please visit
The speakers talked about NAI Global's unique position to become the premier company in the real estate industry by combining C-III's formidable asset base and resources, proven track record and vast expertise with NAI Global's broad reach, depth of market knowledge, customer-centric service and business savvy.