NAISANew Adventures in Sound Art (Toronto, Canada)
NAISANational Aquatic Invasive Species Act
NAISANorth American Institute for Study Abroad (Danville, PA)
NAISANacional Agro Industrial Sociedad Anónima (Spanish: National Agro Industrial Limited Company; Guatemala)
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Speed says that NAISA members consistently speak of feeling isolated and that NAISA meetings forge networking and solidarity.
In December, 2013, clearly with an eye on the rising tide of Native-Israeli partnerships, the Council of the NAISA issued a formal statement of support for the Boycott, declaring: "The NAISA Council protests the infringement of the academic freedom of Indigenous Palestinian academics and intellectuals in the Occupied Territories and Israel who are denied fundamental freedoms of movement, expression, and assembly, which we uphold." (61)
"The current events in Syria stress the need for a rapid solution to spare the blood of Syrians," Naisa said in a statement following the meeting.
And since the official positions were bestowed by Naisa when this categorisation system was created, we would expect that these positions in some way should reflect this order.
It is particularly important that she discusses several non-ballast water issues that are being also addressed in the reauthorization of the National Invasive Species Act through the draft bill entitled the National Aquatic Invasive Species Act (NAISA).
Nankuru Naisa is the second magical collaboration between American guitarist extraordinaire Bob Brozman and the Japanese folk musician Takashi Hirayasu.
Notoriously corrupt and rumoured to be one of the richest men in Syria, Rifaat came to attend the funeral of Naisa, the aged mother of the Assad boys.
Perlin Sano, Nerrisa Alto, Maricel Naisa and a "Baby Boy" Nunez.
The Chief Executive of the Land Transport Authority (LTA), Naisa Tuinaceva said that the bus operators that were not in compliance after the May 17 deadline would not be allowed to operate.
Board member of the Popular Front for Change and Liberation Adel Naisa said that there are very few observations or questions regarding China's viewpoint, and that there are many similarities between the views of the Front and China's ideas.
Even a cursory perusal of the programs for the annual meetings of the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association (NAISA) and its two organizing conferences makes that manifest.
Jaleel Ltd., Vemco Ltd., Erin Meat Packers, Naisa Brand Products, Season Painting and Sanch Electronics.