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NALANational Association of Legal Assistants
NALANational Adult Literacy Agency (Ireland)
NALANorth America Latin America Films, LLC (est. 2005)
NALANative American Leadership Alliance
NALANational Association of Language Advisers (UK)
NALANevada Association of Latin Americans, Inc. (est. 1969; Las Vegas, NV)
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If you would like Nala Engineers Ltd to tender a future project or have any other enquiry contact tel: 0191 584 0058 or visit www.
Aunque el narrador habla que la divinidad Kali se ha posesionado de Nala y lo hace jugar compulsivamente, olvidando sus deberes como rey, esposo y padre, explica que se ha debido a que no cumplio con el ritual de purificacion como lo exige la tradicion, ya que Nala orina antes de la meditacion vespertina y no se lava los pies, solo sus manos, lo que permite al dios Kali descender y posesionarse de el.
Potts, of Chinley, Derbys, left Nala and Simba alone at the house in Furness Vale after he had moved out, Chesterfield magistrates heard.
Ironically both Nala and Mbonambi had first attracted attention by breaking with the norms of tradition to design innovative vessels to cater for a growing local market in tourist art.
When I first got offered the job to play Nala in the London production, I was ecstatic," she says.
Ava said: "When I first got offered the job to play Nala in the London production, I was ecstatic.
The first part of this article, therefore, will review the work of Nesta Nala and one of her daughters Zanele Nala within the context of what many international writers term 'primitive' pottery.
Annual NALA business meetings, including election of officers and regional directors, spotlighting the annual LEAP (Leadership Enhancement and Preparation) class, along with a two-day vendor exhibition and a social agenda, round out the convention.
Nala, a 2-year-old pug, was joined by border collies, Cardigan Welsh corgis and German shepherds among dozens of other canine Rembrandts at Greenhill Humane Society's PAWSitive Strokes.
PC Jenny Friend and German shepherd bitch Nala have passed their course to become the force's first all-female dog team.
Pc Jenny Friend and her German Shepherd, 15month-old Nala, will scour crime scenes, drug dens and suspect buildings on behalf of Warwickshire Police.