NALAANational Assembly of Local Arts Agencies (now Americans for the Arts)
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In this article, we describe the NALAA study's scope, methodology, and overall findings, then focus on the two participating Montana communities, Missoula and Miles City.
NALAA's study, "Arts in the Local Economy," provides the most comprehensive analysis to date of the economic impact of nonprofit arts agencies.
NALAA investigators excluded Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City because the unusual concentration of arts-related activity in those areas (i.e., movies, publishing, Broadway) might skew data.
Although no attempt was made to include the profit-making sector, NALAA investigators did examine nonprofit agencies' indirect economic impact on sample communities: Say the local historical museum decides to spruce up its building, and spends $100 on paint at the hardware store downtown.
Econometricians working with the NALAA study chose a different approach, one built on community-specific "input/output" equations that tracked the dollar flow.
Based on its analysis of 33 representative communities, NALAA investigators also developed estimates of the non-profit arts industry's total national impact.
Based on their surveys, NALAA investigators estimate that, in an average year in an average American community, 10,000+ volunteers donate 30+ hours to nonprofit arts agencies.
Note that per capita calculations are based on a Miles City population of 8,500 (city only), and a Missoula population of 70,000 (roughly county-wide)--figures NALAA used throughout its analysis.