NALCOMISNaval Aviation Logistics Command/Management Information System
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We also considered the procedures used by the Naval Aviation Logistics Command in its Naval Aviation Logistics Command Operating Maintenance Information System (NALCOMIS) to track serially controlled components (Staffieri, Holsti, & Gray, 2009).
NTCSS also includes Relational Supply (RSupply), Organizational Maintenance Management System New Generation (OMMS-NG) and NALCOMIS.
* Once you have accounted for all outstanding TDs, make sure your outstanding report matches the corresponding report in NALCOMIS.
However, as I was filling it out, I noticed that the serial numbers didn't match, which seemed odd, but I still was adjusting to the new Optimized Nalcomis system and thought it just might be a misunderstanding.
The NTCSS program began in 1992 when the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, and Acquisition (ASN (RDA)) directed the consolidation of the Shipboard Non-Tactical Automated Data Processing Program (SNAP), Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management Information System (NALCOMIS) and Maintenance Resource Management System (MRMS) into a single program.
Problem: Squadrons deployed to areas with low or no bandwidth have problems with Optimized NALCOMIS, which uses the Internet to send, receive and update through replication.
Shortly there will be approximately 30 percent of our storekeeper billets on these platforms that will have the NALCOMIS NEC, and a newly established aviation experience NEC.
To successfully fix these recurring gripes, maintainers must get thorough debriefs from aircrew on the exact nature of the discrepancy, have accurate and clear verbiage from the NALCOMIS Maintenance Action Form (MAF), and make a conscious effort to "think outside of the box."
When SMART ERP is fully implemented, it will replace outdated legacy systems including Uniform Inventory Control Program (UICP), Uniform Automated Data Processing System (UADPS) Level II, (U2) and intermediate level maintenance NALCOMIS (Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management Information System).
Problem: Over the past year, I have noticed a common trend across the fleet with the Technical Directive/ Logs and Records portion of the NALCOMIS OMA/ OOMA database.
We did not put our job into "work" in NALCOMIS before we left maintenance control.
With invaluable assistance from the SPAWAR NALCOMIS team in Norfolk, we found the last valid data for the BUNOs in question and had the aircraft "pushed" into our system.