NALFANorth American Laminate Flooring Association
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"We're still in the development stage on it," said NALFA President Bill Dearing, adding that most of the discussion between the groups is revolving around a standardized testing method.
ANSI approval was awarded in 2003 to NALFA's voluntary standard for residential, commercial and light commercial applications (ANSI LF01-2003).
He added that NALFA would soon turn its attention to creating separate commercial flooring standard.
David Hartman, CFO of NALFA, said the standard would arm consumers and retailers with information about what constitutes a quality laminate floor.
Preliminary estimates by NALFA indicate that North American shipments of laminate flooring reached $600 million last year, up 27% from the year before.
"Bill" Dearing, president of NALFA, which was founded in January 1997.
Dearing said NALFA's eight regular members account for the "vast majority" of laminate flooring sold in North America, but added that the association does not track laminate flooring shipments.
NALFA President Bill Dearing of Pergo announced at a press conference that NALFA's Technical Committee had two days earlier decided on an initial set of voluntary standards regarding laminate flooring wearability, durability, color fading, stain resistance and more.
Ultimately, Dearing said, any standard adopted by NALFA would also be subjected to ISO approval.
The stage we are currently in is that the committee has recommended a set of standards it believes NALFA should adopt.
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