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Nalma becomes ill and spends time in a coma in a Perth hospital, with Hale and the family travelling back and forth.
TABLE 1.--Birds identified from the Pleistocene (Rancholabrean NALMA) Terapa local fauna, Sonora, Mexico.
33.5-30.0 Ma) sites in the Badlands National Park: the Cottonwood Pass area, Scenic Member of the Brule Formation, Orellan NALMA, (hereafter SM); and the Cedar Pass area, Poleslide Member of the Brule Formation, Whitneyan NALMA, (hereafter PM).
The Devils Nest Airstrip site in Knox County, northeastern Nebraska, represents the latest part of the Hemphillian North American Land Mammal Age (NALMA) and dates about 5 Ma (Boelstorff 1976; Lindsay et al.
Jacobs and Lindsay (1981) and Lindsay and Jacobs (1985) described rodent remains from the well-known late Miocene (late Hemphillian North American Land Mammal Age; NALMA) locality of Yepomera, Chihuahua, including several cricetids (Prosigmodon oroscoi, Prosigmodon chihuahuensis, Calomys elachys, Calomys baskini, Calomys winklerorum, Baiomys kolbi, and Postcopemys valensis).
Fossil vertebrae of an amphiumid salamander (Amphiuma sp.) are reported from a late Pleistocene (Rancholabrean NALMA) site of coastal Georgia.
With: Abdessamed Miftah El Kheir, Abderrazak el Badaoui, Rachid El Hazmir, Leila El Ahyani, Abdelaziz Essghyr, Ali Achtouk, Nalma Bouhmala, Fatima El Hadi, Jamal Bouhaddioui.
pellionis, from the Lac Pelletier faunas of Saskatchewan which are placed within the late middle Eocene Duchesnean North American Land Mammal Age (NALMA) (Storer 1987; 1996).
Their earliest record in North America comes from layers dated between 3.9 and 3.1 million y ago (Blancan North American Land Mammal Age, or NALMA) in Guanajuato, Mexico (Gillette and Ray, 1981; McDonald, 2002; Carranza-Castaheda and Miller, 2004; Flynn et al., 2005).