NALMCOinterNational Association of Lighting Management Companies
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She got NALMCO interested and spearheaded the whole thing, making the necessary contacts to get federal funding.
Participation of NALMCO lighting management companies was solicited and 10 were selected geographically across the U.
NALMCO has identified an opportunity to participate in a field study on outdoor roadway luminaires.
There are also MOUs with NALMCO (RP-36) and INFOComm (DG-17).
Working with the IES and the US Department of Energy, NALMCO conducted a luminaire dirt depreciation and lumen depreciation study in the late 1990s, which formed the basis for IES RP-36, Recommended Practice for Planned Indoor Lighting Maintenance.
At NALMCO events, energy services companies have consistently defied the stereotype of their not being concerned with the quality of the lighted environment.
LEED Green Associate for most, CLMC for NALMCO contact, CLEP for AEE contact, CLC for ALA showrooms, HBDP for ASHRAE, etc.
We have a need for a volunteer that is a member of BOMA, NALMCO, ALA and IALD.
October 17-20: The inter-National Association of Lighting Management Companies, NALMCO (comprises 150 member companies, including GE, OSRAM SYLVANIA and Philips) will hold its 57th Annual Convention and Trade Show.
Local NALMCO members can address retrofit/relighting topics.