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Firstly, the influence of initial load quantification methods for the cascading failure in C2 networks is compared and analyzed under the condition that the load from failure node is allocated according to NALR strategy proposed in this paper; G and CF are employed to measure the cascading invulnerability for C2 networks.
This is because the NALR strategy allocates load from the failure node to the neighboring nodes at the higher and same level only and thus prevents the cascade failure propagation from high-level nodes to low-level nodes.
In order to verify the effectiveness and superiority of NALR strategy, which is compared with the conventional load redistribution strategy based on the spare capacity of neighboring nodes, G and CF are still employed to measure cascading invulnerability of C2 networks.
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Baghdad (NINA) -The final formation of the National Alliance of Labor and Rescue has been announced in Baghdad on Saturday.<p>Spokesperson of the NALR Emad al-Shimmary said in a press conference "The Alliance comprises Islamic Wala' Party, Academic Figures Assembly, Change and Rescue Bloc, Independent Integrity Bloc, Tribesmen Assembly, Iraqiyoun Assembly as well as Independent Figures bloc."
The first announcement of forming the NALR was on last September 5th.
Associate director, Abilast Nalr. Screenplay, Mushtaq Sheikh, Priyadarshan, Manisha Korde; story, P.