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NALTNorth American Land Trust (Chadds Ford, PA)
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NALTNasopharynx Associated Lymphoid Tissue (nose anatomy)
NALTNose-Associated Lymphoid Tissue
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Consequently, as demonstrated in Figure 6, pretreatment with the selective [alpha]-opioid receptor antagonist NALT significantly reversed (p < 0.001) the antinociceptive effect of MECN (500 mg/kg, p.o.).
The GALT is part of the MALT (which encompasses all mucosa-associated lymphoid tissues) but distinct from the nasopharynx-associated lymphoid tissues (NALTs) which begin in the upper palate and include the nasal and upper respiratory tract mucosa.
Although NALT prepared baseline documentation for each of the easements
Compared with moribund animals infected with MSHR543 ([bim.sub.Bm]), bacterial loads were significantly higher in NALT of moribund mice infected with MSHR305 ([bim.sub.Bp], p = 0.025), with a similar trend observed in lung.
Britain's Schools had been influenced by NALT's Reconstruction of Education, published in late 1941, but went further.
(62) NKM 16-2-4 also recognizes UEA-1-positive M cells in murine NALT located in the nasal cavity but not UEA-1-positive goblet cells.
Specifically, two groups of rats were first given an injection naltrexone (NALT), a long-lasting opioid antagonist, or a control injection of saline (SAL).
Geralt Nalt, curator of historical buildings at the museum, said, ``He is very popular and lots of people have come to see him.
Wedl says he hopes NALT, which is a local test, will cover what is required in the new federal law.
However, the main peculiarity is that Hybris maintains the functionality of the plugins: it sends its own components to the anti-virus conference nalt.comp.virus" and downloads from there any upgraded or missing plugins.