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Traditional intramuscular influenza vaccines with protein antigens and chemical adjuvants induce robust peripheral responses, generating high titers of neutralizing IgG which can diffuse form circulation into the BALT and NALT. Our laboratory evaluated the use of CCL27 and CCL28 to augment responses to an influenza hemagglutinin- (HA-) encoding DNA vaccine [102].
"Usually, my message is that we're still at a point where production value doesn't matter that much; in fact, it can hurt you if you overproduce," says Kevin Nalty, a top YouTube producer known as Nalts. "There's a certain level of resentment towards the people on YouTube who are trying to have the perfect shot and the perfect lighting.
"I gotta love the guy who woke up one morning and decided that he wanted to defecate in my mouth," recounted Kevin Nalty, a top YouTube producer known as Nalts. Critical comments that can be more destructive than constructive are prevalent, he says.
By interacting with them, you can establish a personal connection that can help drive viewership, according to Nalts. "I've seen a lot of good creators do good content but never quite develop an audience," he says.