NAMADNational Association of Minority Auto Dealers
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However, it is relying on a theory of discrimination that is based on a statistical analysis of past transactions-not intentional conduct-and the CFPB has not provided any information about how it is conducting its analysis," NADA and NAMAD said.
During the selection process, NAMAD leadership recommended members who embodied this award, and representatives from Cox Automotive voted on a recipient based on the following criteria:
The challenges of today's economy have hit many of our members the hardest and, as car sales begin their slow recovery, it is critically important for NAMAD members to have frontline access to innovative services that help them sell more cars, more cost-efficiently," said NAMAD President Damon Lester.
OneCommand is a great value-add for our members and provides them with the tools and resources to improve customer loyalty and increase profitability," said Damon Lester, NAMAD President.
Becoming a financial literacy leader in their community provides NAMAD members additional opportunities to build and strengthen their relationship with customers.
He works closely with Toyota Motor sales executives and NAMAD as an advocate for increasing the number of minority dealerships and addressing the challenges they face.
NAMAD has asked every manufacturer to commit to an initial goal of 15% majority ownership of the retail network by ethnic minorities (see www.
Representatives of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, NOW, NCNW, NCLR, NAMAD and Mitsubishi Motors will form a Review Committee to meet quarterly for the first year of the covenant and semi-annually thereafter, in order to measure the progress of commitments and explore mutual trade relationships.
About NAMAD Founded in 1980, the National Association of Minority Auto Dealers (NAMAD) is committed to increasing opportunities for ethnic minorities in all aspects of the automotive industry.
Still, while the numbers add up to a huge opportunity for carmakers, capitalizing on a growing market requires partnerships, says NAMAD President Sheila Vaden-Williams.
Says Sheila Vaden-Williams, president of NAMAD, the industry's largest African American trade association: "He has been a living case study and through his actions has shown corporate America the real potential that exists in the ethnic minority community.