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NAMBYNot At My Backyard
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'Namby's the name,' said the sheriff's deputy, as Mr.
Namby's hat to the other side of the room, with such violence, that he had very nearly caused him to swallow the gold toothpick into the bargain.
Namby would have the goodness to put his hat on again, he would knock it into the latter end of next week.
'Namby, Officer to the Sheriffs of London'; the inner gate having been opened by a gentleman who might have passed for a neglected twin-brother of Mr.
Namby's performance on a square piano overhead, while the breakfast was getting ready; when it came, Mr.
Namby, who had a select dinner-party and could on no account be disturbed before.
He was about to propound the question to Namby, who kept close beside him, sucking a large gold ring on his little finger, when Perker bustled up, and observing that there was no time to lose, led the way into the inn.
The prosecutor said he told police: "The other car was being all namby pamby and braking far too early for the roundabout so I rammed into him."
What we really need to know is which party will toughen our increasingly namby pamby criminal justice system and make sure crooks who belong behind bars actually serve their sentences.
This increasingly erratic series swings from namby pamby teenage fluff to over the top violence in the blink of an eye.
Jon Brodie I guess we should all have a namby pamby approach to overall crime then.
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