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NAMDNaval Ammunition Depot (US Navy)
NAMDNational Alliance of Market Developers
NAMDNational Association of Market Developers (Plainfield, NJ)
NAMDNational Association of Membership Development
NAMDNeutral/Alkaline Mine Drainage
NAMDNot at My Desk (Internet slang)
NAMDNational Association of Marble Dealers
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'Because AR-13503 may address several distinct components of the disease process in nAMD and DME, we believe the AR-13503 SR Implant has the potential to be an important addition to the treatment armamentarium in retina, particularly by helping expand the options for individualizing therapy.
With an ever-increasing elderly population, and the prevalence of nAMD set to rise, the burden of treatment provision in secondary care will also continue to increase.
Considering the natural course of the disease, higher rates of nAMD development can be expected in some patients compared to healthy individuals.
Neovascular age-related macular degeneration (nAMD), characterized by aberrant angiogenesis originating from the choroidal or, less frequently, the retinal circulation [3], is responsible for nearly 90% of the severe central visual acuity loss associated with AMD despite its lower incidence compared with the dry form [4].
Once created, the stability of siRNA in aqueous medium was checked through molecular dynamics simulations using explicit (TIP3P) water at physiological temperature (310 K), for 24 ns using NAMD code and CHARMM v27 force field with time step of 2fs/ts.
NAMD Informational Brief: Medicaid and the Federally Qualified Health Center and Rural Health Clinic Programs: Alignment and Modernization Opportunities.
The National Association of Medicaid Directors (NAMD) told CMS in a comment letter that what state Medicaid programs really need is help with providing Medicaid benefits for people who are in institutions for mental disease (IMD).