NAMECNorth American Modern Endurance Challenge
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On 7 April 2014, the chief executive of Namec Technologies, Vijay Pandey, which is the joint venture that will oversee the administration of the manufacturing, identified the Chinese partner as Skyworth Digital, a subsidiary of the Skyworth Group, which is an international set-top box manufacturer.
NAMEC est une organisation aile volontaire qui a des affiliations aux differentes regions de la Namibie.
NAMEC and the White Ribbon Campaign are already mobilising men against violence, but we need more men to show the way.
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"It was then that the idea was born of holding a national conference of Namibian men to fight violence against women and children, where men could meet international activists who work with men in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Canada, and where they could strategise for a men's movement in Namibia." The conference took place in 2000 and resulted in the formation of Namibian Men for Change (NAMEC), a national movement involving about 7 000 men who are presently active countrywide.