NAMLNational Association of Marine Laboratories
NAMLNational Association of Muslim Lawyers
NAMLName and Address Markup Language
NAMLNorth Atlanta Metro League (est. 2001; Georgia)
NAMLNetwork Access and Measurement Library
NAMLNumber of Class Attributes and Methods Locally Defined
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With the establishment of the NAML in 1947 the Math Tables Project was transferred to the NBS Computation Laboratory.
In 1947 the Air Comptroller transferred $400,000 to purchase some services from NBS and to buy a machine; in 1948 the Air Materiel Command transferred $330,000 for the purchase of two machines, one for Wright Field and one for NAML, thus providing a new estimate of the cost of a machine.
At this first meeting on February 2, 1948, Condon explained that he hoped AMEC would provide a forum for the discussion of problems faced by NAML as well as for discussion of the speicialized work of the laboratories.
At the very first meeting of AMEC on February 2, 1948, extensive discussion of the inadequacy of the budget on hand--and the ready undertakings of several of the agencies represented at the meeting to include needed funds in their budgets for fiscal 1949, and even to find some remaining funds in the fiscal 1948 budgets that could be transferred for desired activities--gave promise of the kind of support that, in fact, continued as the NAML program developed.
Another evaluation of the research in the theory of numerical analysis carried on at INA was given by Curtiss in a five-year progress report on NAML [4, pp.
Because intuition and theory are definitely not the province of institutions or associations, but are instead the beautiful and still mysterious product of the individual human mind, we cannot ask NAML (or NSF or EPA or NOAA) to develop theories.
Because the NAML membership is regionalized, one or two laboratories in each region could perform data management activities for any group of laboratories in the region having similar data collection needs.
The public is not always willing to wait for answers to long-term questions, but they (and funding agencies) will respond positively as long as coastal laboratories - through NAML - put effort into effective public communication about the intrinsic value of their research.
But an interconnected web of otherwise independent geographical sites, as could be organized by the NAML, could provide critical data on both the space and time components of coastal or oceanic variability.
Other Programs in Place: A Unique Role for the NAML
1995) should form a strong basis for, and justification of, any coordinated long-term program that results from efforts of laboratories in the NAML membership.
Presently many of the NAML labs have begun to offer interactive video courses with their parent institutions.