NAMPSNarrowband Analog Mobile Phone Service
NAMPSNarrowband Advanced Mobile Phone Service
NAMPSNarrowband Advanced Mobile Phone System (cell phones)
NAMPSNarrowband Analog Mobile Phone Service (telecommunications)
NAMPSNational Association of Medical Personnel Specialists (Watford, Hertfordshire, England, UK)
NAMPSNight-Attack Mission Planning System
NAMPSNavy Manpower Programming System
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Overall, the THOMps configuration is colder than the NAMps configuration, leading to an improvement in the surface temperature bias in the summer and degradation in the winter.
(4) Assessing 3-h accumulated precipitation for the February 2012 case using GSS, the NAMps and THOMps configurations tend to perform similarly for the 3-km nested domain (Fig.
* Narrow Advanced Mobile Phone Service (NAMPS): NAMPS, introduced by Motorola, is simply, as its name implies, a narrowband version of AMPS.
AMPS, narrowband AMPS (NAMPS), time division multiple access (TDMA) and code division multiple access (CDMA) are currently operational and are soon to be joined by seven personal communication services (PCS) standards.
By choosing different digital filter parameters, each channel can be tuned as required, whether it is a 10 kHz NAMPS, a 30 kHz AMPS, a 200 kHz group speciale mobile (GSM) or a 1.25 MHz CDMA channel.
The most glaring example of this problem was when I asked a first-class petty officer and prospective QAR candidate what NAMP and NAMPSOP stood for.