NAMRBNational Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria
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The real financial decentralization in Bulgaria started in 2003, based on the Cooperation Agreement, signed by the Council of Ministers and the NAMRB in 2002, whereby both parties agreed to decentralize local government and to increase financial independence of municipalities.
"The award is motivation for the continuation of NAMRB's efforts to achieve our major goal: the improvement of the everyday lives of our citizens through the strengthening of local democracy," says NAMRB Deputy Executive Director Monika Romenska.
In a Monday interview for the Bulgarian National Radio, Savov said that the NAMRB had been hoping for a tangible stabilization after the parliamentary elections in October, taking into account that the country had had two caretaker governments and a regular government with a short term in office in the past two years.
Krasimir Mirev, Deputy Chair of NAMRB, said that the NAMRB had largely been decapitalized over the past 6-8 months, forced to use its own resources and make sacrifices.
Speaking in Pazardzhik, NAMRB Chair Todor Popov demanded greater decentralization and efficient local self governance.
The NAMRB said in a statement that the work on projects worth BGN 3 B would stop unless the Cabinet provided a total of BGN 200 M by the end of the month in order to cover payments under the aEnvironmenta operational program and compensate for the EU funds freeze imposed on it.
He said that the Environment Ministry had been planning for 87 municipalities and Environment Ministry structures to be penalized with around BGN 180 at that point, stressing that the intervention of the NAMRB and the objections filed by municipalities had resulted in a substantial reduction of the corrections.
Emil Savov, Deputy CEO of the NAMRB, argued Friday at the 17th national meeting of financiers from Bulgarian municipalities in Albena that Bulgarian municipalities had to adopt modern EU practices in the sphere of local self-governance by achieving a balance between rights, responsibilities and resources.
Savov explained that the NAMRB had been given assurances by the Environment Minister back in November 2013 that it would be given a list of municipalities where problems had been identified, adding that no dialogue had taken place since then.
Todor Popov, Chair of NAMRB, explained Thursday that the measure would bring an additional BGN 500 a 600 M into the budget of the local authorities.
Ginka Chavdarova, NAMRB Executive Director, made clear that the approach to decentralization had been changed, adding that the focus would be narrowed down to the implementation of several key measures, instead of a wide range of such activities.