NAMRCNorth American Manufacturing Research Conference
NAMRCNational Association of Multicultural Rehabilitation Concerns
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"A Constrained Search Adaptive Controller for Metal Cutting", Second NAMRC, pp: 267-284.
Situation of postal services providers in Romania in 2011 Authorized suppliers 346 Active suppliers 214 Active independent 136 suppliers Mandate suppliers 78 Non-active Suppliers 123 Non-respondents 9 Source: Author's analysis based on data obtained from the National Authority for Managing and Regulating in Communications (NAMRC) Note: Table made from bar graph.
The early history of NAMRC is best summarized by Ted Daniels, former National Chair of the Council of Non-White Rehabilitation Workers in a speech presented at NRA's annual conference in New Orleans in November 1987.
As with other evolving organizations, NAMRC had its periods of excitement and frustration.
Contract: namrc (midlands) workshop & office fit out
1980/380/my/namrc/18 - namrc (midlands) workshop & office fit out the university of sheffield wishes to invite tenders for a workshop and office fit out on behalf of the nuclear advanced manufacturing research centre, catcliffe, south yorkshire.
The filming was undertaken during two seminars at the NAMRC (Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre) during May.
It is recognized that potential suppliers need to visit the NAMRC site to measure the set-up enabling them to present an adequate solution.
The University of Sheffield wishes to invite tenders on behalf of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre~s Nuclear Group (NAMRC) at Catcliffe in Rotherham.
The NAMRC is undertaking research within various manufacturing topics in the energy sector.
Required to measure components and test pieces manufactured by the NAMRC during research activities.
"We are encouraging these companies to work closely with the NAMRC (Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre) to get all the skills and qualifications to bid for and win this work."