NAMRCNorth American Manufacturing Research Conference
NAMRCNational Association of Multicultural Rehabilitation Concerns
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With the concurrence of the delegate assembly NAMRC achieved division status in February 1992.
The NAMRC Board of Directors consist of the elected officers, immediate past-president and eight directors with alternating terms elected from the Associations membership and the representative to NRA board.
NAMRC has the following standing committees: Bylaws, membership, nominating, publications and conference committees.
To support its mission NAMRC holds an annual national conference in July of each year and sponsors training workshops at the annual NRA training conference.
A national survey (Farish, 1993) conducted by NAMRC of its members to establish long and short terms training iniatives and priorities for the association revealed and confirmed the critical needs among persons with disabilities from varying cultural backgrounds.
Building on the survey needs, NAMRC future training programs will include collaboration, networking, innovative strategies and techniques to improve service delivery and communication with persons with disabilities from culturally diverse backgrounds.
The membership of NAMRC is committed to advocate, support, and address issues, which affect the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities who are culturally diverse.
NAMRC encourages its membership to be actively involved in the affairs of N.
While the membership of NAMRC is diverse, the only requirement to join is to support the principles and goals of the organization.
Currently, NAMRC is the "fastest growing NRA division" with 400 plus members.
A full offering of NAMRC sponsored workshops, and training sessions at the NRA annual conference.