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NAMRUNaval Medical Research Unit
NAMRUNursing and Midwifery Research Unit (UK)
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The Indonesians were reluctant to give NAMRU 2's employees diplomatic immunity, as the US requested, while government officials were angered that a former NAMRU employee had harshly critiqued their response to the avian influenza threat.
But it also meant that military activities in front-line states--such as those conducted at NAMRU 2--were harmed.
NAMRU supports the GEIS mission through four programs: emerging diseases, enteric diseases, parasitic diseases, and virology.
But what the newspaper didn't report is that NAMRU has been in Egypt since 1946 at the invitation of the Egyptian government, and that its purpose is to find cures to diseases, not pass along "confidential information about Egypt.
3, Cairo; and [2] Abbassia Fever Hospital, Cairo, Egypt ([dagger]) Present address: US NAMRU No.
Oyofo, American Embassy Jakarta, Unit 8132 NAMRU TWO, FPO, AP 965208132, Indonesia; telephone: 62-21-421-4460; fax: 62-21-424-4507; e-mail: oyofo@namru2.