NAMRU-3US Naval Medical Research Unit No. 3 (Cairo, Egypt)
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Agency for International Development (USAID) and NAMRU-3 to scale up the programs in place for monitoring the level of antibiotic-resistant infections in Egyptian hospitals nationwide.
The authors would like to thank the director and staff of the Yemeni-Swedish Hospital of Taiz, National Center for Laboratories of Public Health (NCLPH) of Taiz, Tihama Foundation for Drug Studies and Research (TFDSR), Hodeidah, and Yemen and the United State of Naval Medical Research Unit 3 (US NAMRU-3), Cairo, Egypt, and Dr.
On April 24 the NAMRU-3 team informed the MOH that all samples had tested negative for known coronaviruses and other respiratory viruses.
"NAMRU-3 has collaborated scientifically with AUC for many years, and the relationship is completely academic in nature.
NAMRU-3's response to a request from the Egyptian Ministry of Health for the conduct of a retrospective freezer study of human samples to determine whether Egypt was the main source of a very large foodborne outbreak in Germany from May to July 2011.
The study was approved by the ethics boards of NAMRU-3 and the Afghan Public Health Institute, Afghanistan.
Easily the largest, most advanced military laboratory outside of the United States, NAMRU-3 grew out of a research laboratory placed in Cairo by the U.S.
Samples were treated at the US Department of Agriculture facility in Gainesville, FL, individually bagged in laminated cambric sample bags (Hubco, Hutchinson, KS), wrapped in duck 5 inch W stretch wrap, film extensible (Lowe's Home Improvement), and shipped to NAMRU-3. Testing commenced about a month after tent treatment, the time necessary to clear samples from airport inspectors and prepare the laboratory for sand fly testing.
3 (NAMRU-3) have recently collaborated to expand laboratory capacity at district fever hospitals as part of a plan to strengthen national hospital-based surveillance for febrile illnesses.