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NANANational Alliance for Nutrition and Activity
NANAN-Acetyl Neuraminic Acid
NANANorth American Newspaper Alliance* (Internet newsgroups)
NANANanoscale Active Network Architecture (computer networking)
NANANorthwest Arctic Native Association (Alaska)
NANANorth American Nunchaku Association
NANANebraska Association of Nurse Anesthetists
NANANorth American Normande Association
NANANevada Association of Nurse Anesthetists
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Nana Direct, which serves 13 cities across Saudi Arabia, is built on a technology suite that seamlessly blends grocery customers, in-store pickers, Supermarkets and last-mile delivery fleet.
Nana prides itself as a completely home-grown start-up having envisioned and delivered a revamped grocery experience through technologies built completely in-house.
Commenting on Nana's appointment, Ade Ayeyemi said- "We are happy to confirm Nana as Group Head, Consumer Banking.
"There is major foul play going on here with all sorts of lies being spread by Nana's team," the statement read.
When your mum passed over, your nana would have tried her best to fill the role of loving guardian to you and your brother.
"This is a manifestation that the people here in Abra wants a change on how other people perceive about this province especially during elections," Nana said.
The way the medical team and the nurses always included Nana and our family in the decision-making--even the decision to begin palliative care--enabled us to come to terms with her illness.
Later sections provide the pleasure of seeing how other characters perceive the same events in a markedly different manner, though Nana's narration jarringly shifts into the third person.
The event will be the first in the series of celebrity receptions lined up to host excellence in the corporate, culture and entertainment space at the quadrangle of the new Nana hotel.
I am so glad I wasn't attending nana's grave on the day this tree crashed down.
So -- technically speaking -- Nana Oyl was for a brief time a grandmother.