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The greatest depths of pessimism are reached in the two chapters (by Burton and Nanau respectively) on the pitfalls of provincial and local-level government in PNG and the Solomon Islands, which may perhaps explain why they are juxtaposed in the middle of the hook.
These include "The World According to Ion B," by debut helmer Alexander Nanau, about a homeless Bucharest man whose 1,800 collages spanning 40 years have made him the toast of the art world; "Heaven, Hell," by Czech helmer David Calek, about the double lives of S&M devotees; and Polish docu "Let's Run Away From Her," by Marcin Koszalka, about family bereavement.
Production values can be lean even at a global cable giant, as Nanau can attest, but HBO only had to hear his idea for "Ion B" and it committed, he says.
Wills grinned as he held one-year-old Kennard Nanau - recovering from an ankle infection - in his arms.
Upside is also unclear to filmmaker Alex Nanau, whose HBO-produced documentary "The World According to Ion B." won the doc prize.
"It is hard to see commercial success flowing from (my award), since no Romanian newspaper wrote about the film other than to mention that it won," Nanau says.