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NANDA[not an acronym] (formerly North American Nursing Diagnosis Association)
NANDANorth American Nuclear Detection Architecture
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"Oh, I may as well, Nanda. But I am tired admiring this head, and if my visitor has any claim to beauty I must take care that she does not surpass me.
17 is exceedingly beautiful," answered Nanda, with another bow.
So the maid assisted her to gain her feet, although Langwidere was the stronger of the two; and then the Princess slowly walked across the silver floor to her cabinet, leaning heavily at every step upon Nanda's arm.
When Nanda had supported Langwidere to a position in front of cupboard No.
Nanda rang a silver bell, and at once a big fat colonel in a bright red uniform entered the room, followed by ten lean soldiers, who all looked sad and discouraged and saluted the princess in a very melancholy fashion.
"People will think I have a new statue," said Langwidere, "so it won't matter in the least, and Nanda can keep him well polished."
"She looks rather tough, Your Highness," said Nanda, doubtfully.
Then, "Last year, we redesigned the King House for family reunions or groups who wanted to stay together," Nanda said.
Nanda's manipulative mother, Fernanda, is the hostess of a fashionable London salon.
ITBP mission- 'Daredevils' ended after bodies of seven out of eight missing mountaineers who were on a mission to climb Nanda Devi peak was airlifted to Munsyari and further to Pithoragarh on July 3 with the help of Indian Air Force, said ITBP.
The mountaineers began their ascent of Nanda Devi on May 13 with four other climbers, who were rescued on Sunday.
Local officials engaged in coordinating the search said the death rate in the region near the Nanda Devi is about five times higher than on Mount Everest.