NANGOFNamibia Non-Governmental Organisations Forum
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The NANGOF Gender Sector warmly welcomes your concern about this matter.
If you have any questions regarding these proposals and would like to meet with the NANGOF Gender Sector to discuss them, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Re: Request to NANGOF for mechanisms to curb the phenomenon of violence against women and children
Women's and gender organisations working under the umbrella of NANGOF (Namibia NGO Forum) were dismayed when the National Assembly passed the Revised Children's Status Bill in November, with little time for civil society to engage with the revised Bill, and little debate in the House on the many amendments that had been argued for by the Legal Assistance Centre with the support of 19 other civil society organisations.
The NANGOF Gender Sector had conducted a panel discussion on the Bill a few days earlier and invited a representative of the Ministry of Gender and Child Welfare, which had tabled the Bill.
The meeting was still held, however, at which NANGOF members briefed a senior official of the ministry on the proposed amendments and informed him that they would now approach the National Council with their request for a hearing.
This was welcomed by the NANGOF Gender Sector, who handed a letter with an outline of the requested amendments to Chairperson Asser Kapere during a rally at the National Council building.