NANNNational Association of Neonatal Nurses
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At this year's NANN meeting in Palm Springs, CA RightBio Metrics will host a thought-leader forum focusing on bringing awareness to the high prevalence of misplaced tubes and use of their RightSpotInfant and RightLevel to improve the accuracy of placement.
We are excited to again attend the NANN Conference and engage with the many knowledgeable participants," said MediPurpose founder and CEO Patrick Yi, whom also led the babyLance design team.
Inventing a Better babyLance(r) Heel Incision Device: Listening to End Users-Heelstick Trigger Activation Survey at the 2011 NANN Conference" illustrates key findings from a survey that MediPurpose conducted at the National Association of Neonatal Nurses' 2011 Annual Educational Conference.
The survey gauged NANN members' preferences between MediPurpose's original babyLance infant incision device's "push-forward trigger" activation mechanism and a newly designed prototype's "pull trigger.
Scholarship recipients were chosen by a special committee of NANN members that conducted a blind review process of all applications to ensure complete impartiality.
In an effort to encourage neonatal professionals to continue advancing their expertise, we joined with NANN to create the OVATION Neonatal Nursing Career Path Scholarship," said Barbara Jackson, Vice President of the NICU and Hematology/Oncology Business Units.
She will also be presenting a concurrent session at the upcoming NANN conference in September.
We were pleased to present at NANN, as sharing innovative research, assuring the highest level of data quality and integrity, and promoting working relationships with clients and professional organizations are priorities.