NANPNorth American Numbering Plan
NANPNational Association of Nutrition Professionals (est. 1985; formerly Society of Certified Nutritionists; Berkeley, CA)
NANPNon-Accelerator New Physics (conference)
NANPNational Association of Non-Principals (healthcare providers)
NANPNational Association of Naval Photography
NANPNative Rat Atrial Natriuretic Peptide (biochemistry)
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And while the FCC may assert that "changes in the marketplace have increasingly blurred the distinction between services using NANP numbers and those using public IP addresses," (248) that's just an ipse dixit; no consumer that I know types a phone number into a web browser to make a call, and no one tries to dial a URL into their phone.
The Commission's first move is to broaden the definition of the public switched network to include not only services that use NANP but also those that use "public IP addresses." (249) In other words, the public switched network would now encompass the Internet in addition to the traditional public switched telephone network.
The NANP advocates the use of a prefix method to solve ambiguity problems between seven- and 10-digit calls.
Call accounting systems that lack the ability to determine Intra-LATA long-distance calls from Intra-LATA local calls had to be changed prior to the NANP implementation date.
(302) However, because these providers are not formally classified as telecommunications carriers, they cannot participate directly in the NANP. (303) Instead, they must buy blocks numbers from carriers.
(298.) Services: Code Administration, NANP A, _info/code_admin.html (last visited Feb.
It is interesting to note that [(NANP).sub.n] domain of the CSP is a constituent of most of these subunit compositions.
falciparum CSP aa 207-395, central NANP repeat sequence, and T-cell epitopes fused to HBsAg in AS02A, AS02B, or AS02D (combination of Monophoshphoryl Lipid A and saponin derived QS2) CS102 Syn 102-amino acid C-terminus of P.
As with NANP changes in the U.S., many people will have questions about the NNC and how their equipment will be affected.
Rising to the occasion was the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), whose docket 92-237 is the blueprint for revamping the NANP. Among the planned changes is the elimination of "1" as the identifier for certain toll calls.
Someone should build a universal black box that has all the codes, route commands and other pertinent data necessary to handle the post-1995 NANP. It simply plugs into a switch's universal card slot.
25.5 AMA Category 1 PRA CMEs, 34 Naturopathic CMEs, 34 NANP Nutrition CEUs, 34 NCCAOM Acupuncture CMEs available.