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NANPANorth American Numbering Plan Administration (Bellcore)
NANPANorth American Nature Photography Association
NANPANorth American Numbering Plan Administrator
NANPANorth Alabama Nurse Practitioner Association
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Kyung-chan Min made a comprehensive catalogue of published works (composed in the Western style) by Korean composers, in 1991, in which the chronological first edition is four individual works by Nanpa Hong dated to 1924.
The 747/818 overlay has been in the works for a decade, since NANPA warned that the 818 area code - which went into effect in 1984 - was running out of numbers as a growing population fell in love with cell phones and other communications devices.
NANPA is responsible for the management of the integrated telephone numbering plan that serves 20 North American countries, coordinating area code relief planning and the collection of service provider utilization and forecast data.
This was the second time NFLT has worked with students as part of the NANPA College Program.
NANPA is the neutral third party administrator that develops area code relief plans in collaboration with the telecommunications industry.
Neustar was selected by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to serve as the NANPA, the neutral third-party administrator that works with the telecommunications industry in developing area code relief plans.
Collecting and generating the data necessary to fill out the NRUF reports is time consuming and difficult for many carriers", states Rick Applegate, Entricom President and CEO, "not to mention all the follow-up work that results in resubmitting these form sets to NANPA until they're error free.
In the past two years, the NANPA (North American Numbering Plan Administration) has added more than 38 new U.