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nanus larvae in a portion of stand 27 in the Encantado region, which has a total area of 34 ha (12.67[degrees]S, 38.40[degrees]W) and, in Mar and Apr 2015, the system indicated such larvae in a portion of stand 3 in the Agua Santa region, which has a total area of 37 ha (12.50[degrees]S, 38.23[degrees]W).
Eumops nanus se distribuye desde el sureste del golfo de Mexico hasta Centroamerica, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana y Peru (Hunt et al., 2003; Arita, 2005; Eger, 2008; Ceballos y Arroyo-Cabrales, 2012; Cortes-Calva et al., 2012).
nanus fue 0.0075 [+ o -] 0.0041g; el de los machos (n=55) 0.0064 [+ o -] 0.0034g y el de las hembras (n=59) 0.0085 [+ o -] 0.0043g.
nanus has a widespread but patchy distribution, occurring in the Portland area in the south-west of the state, the Grampians, the Otway Ranges and the forests of the Great Dividing Range from Ballarat to the north-east of the state (Fig.
Nanus and Chu are preparing to publish their findings and hope to complete a more extensive study down the road.
Transformational leadership often refers to the inspirational role of the leader with descriptive adjectives such as brilliant, forceful, charismatic (Bennis & Nanus, 1985; Bensimon et al.; Burns, 1978).
Nanus and Dobbs fit these leadership roles into two general organizing functions.
He explored the subject through a 1985 serial study that was published as a book co-authored with Burt Nanus, called Leaders: the Strategies for Taking Charge (1985).
institutions and questioned the credibility of our leaders (Bennis & Nanus,
Bert Nanus in his book Visionary Leadership says "vision is composed of one part foresight, one part insight, plenty of imagination and judgment and often a healthy dose of chutzpa.