NAOENaval Architecture and Ocean Engineering (academic department; various universities)
NAOENational Association for Outdoor Education (UK, now AFOL)
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Naoe incomum encontrar pequenas alteracoes na sigla, como a inversao de algumas letras (como GLBT ou TLGB), ou ainda adicoes de outras identidades como travesti, transgenero, inter sex, queer/genderqueer ou questioning ("questionando", termo utilizado para pessoas que nao tem certeza de sud orientacao sexual).
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Economic prosperity in the United States is increasingly going to be tied to jobs/workforce with science, technology, and engineering-based skills (NAOS, NAOE, IOM, Rising above the Gathering Storm, 2009).
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The bionic expert Professor Stanislav Gorb of Kiel University, Germany, and the material scientist Professor Naoe Hosoda of the National Institute for Material Science in Japan, discovered the remarkable ability of the terrestrial leaf beetle to walk underwater.