NAOHPNational Association of Occupational Health Professionals
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Professionals nominated for the award must be current members in good standing with the NAOHP and receive nominations by members of the association, employers or colleagues.
Dupuy has been an active member of the NAOHP. His recognition with the Frank Leone Award is a direct reflection of his work ethic and the values he has instilled in his team members in creating a more efficient work environment.
[43] was employed to extract empirically defined pools of P The P fractions were designated as WSP, membrane-P, NaHC[O.sub.3]-P, NaOH-P, and HCl-P Samples were sequentially extracted with deionized water (WSP), deionized water with an anion-exchangeable membrane (membrane-P), 0.5 mol L-1 NaHC[O.sub.3] (pH 8.5) (NaHC[O.sub.3-]P), 1 mol [L.sup.-1] NaOH (NaOHP), and 1 mol [L.sup.-1] HCl (HCl-P).