NAOMNaturwissenschaftliche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Obertshausen Mosbach (German environmental science organization)
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The gist of fast-talking Prince Muhammad's revelations was as follows: The city's futuristic landscape featured robots and driver-less cars, and his most emphatic vision was to transform the ultra-conservative Wahhabi kingdom to a global model of religious moderation - he tried to charm the billionaire foreign investors who included the always-beaming and the world's richest man, Korean-descended Japanese CEO of SoftBank Masayoshi Son who later said he was to be the main foreign investor in NAOM.
(10.) Naom Chomsky, "Electing the President of the Empire," opinion2/277-75/34516-focus, p.
Te tia Namibia nAom AEkoa kxaosi ku nAEa te ko dshau gesin te Aoa ku gAaea nAom khoea ka se hi A'aesi.AE'aea hi ka gAaea nAom tjua ok aka o AEkoa Aoa jan.
The script is written by Mariam Naom and is directed by Kamilah Abu Thiri.
Experts quickly determined that the items, which included the work of long-forgotten Jewish-German modernists like Naom Slutzky and Otto Freundlich, were part of a collection of "degenerate art" confiscated during the Nazi period and, in 1937, deployed throughout the Reich to demonstrate the "Judeo-Bolshevik" domination of German culture.
In fruheren Gesprachen hat er bereits hervorgehoben, dass ihm die Greenbergische Annaherungsweise an die Sprache mehr liegt als die formale von Naom Chomsky.
Naom Shani, KAHR's chief executive officer, added, "It has been a pleasure working with RecipharmCobra Biologies over the years and we have enjoyed the interaction and responsiveness of its team.
According to journalist Youssri Foda, Egyptians' destiny remains in their hands and we should not forget what the American Jewish political activist Naom Chomsky said about the situation in Egypt and the reaction of the US:
Said Meshaal, "It's too bad, the American administration has played a negative role in the reaching of an agreement because it has asked Netanyahu not to sign agreements so as not to strengthen Hamas or weaken (Palestinian Authority President) Mahmoud Abbas." Meshaal said that this was also the opinion of Naom Shalit, Gilad's Father.
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Thus, forms such as "kon" (ko, postposition marking objects) and "naom" (nao/nav, name) were common in older forms of Hindi/Urdu.