NAOMISNavy Material Transportation Office Operations and Management Information System
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Naomi, who has created a very trendy blend of herbal powders that can be added to smoothies, says adaptogens have been around for millennia, and were traditionally used for natural healing in Chinese and Ayurvedic cultures.
Now meet investment banker Naomi Bishop in the financial thriller, "Equity": She has a head for IPOs and a bent for WTFs.
Following the death of her husband, Ruth decides to remain with her mother-in-law, Naomi, instead of returning home to her Moabite family.
One, here is Naomi, known as one of the world's "supermodels", a woman who has made her fame and fortune in an industry which does not really portray black beauty.
To know Tyson, Naomi or Veronica is to know the work of Bethaim Hardison.
I was once as the Naomi cited in the review, in a relationship with a Jesuit--publicly presented as "friend" and privately told, in bed, how much my love of this man had improved his relationship with God and others.
The Naomi Awards honour the ``truly terrible'' acts of the past 12 months.
No more idle chit-chat with the beautiful people, the Naomis and Claudias.
Deep in the picturesque Tennessee countryside south of Nashville lies Naomi Judd's farm, "Peaceful Valley." "I walk in my valley a couple of times a week with my husband, Larry," says the country music superstar, in-demand motivational speaker and author of a new book, Naomis Home Companion (GT Publishing, $25), which features tips and recipes for healthy living.
Named after supermodel Naomi Campbell, who not-so-memorably reached number 40 in the UK charts with the single Love And Tears in 1994, the Naomis were set up by digital music broadcaster Music Choice to dishonour the worst achievements in the musical year.
Dooneen Ranger came from a talented litter which included Midland Oaks heroine El Ektra, Naomis Ranger, Referendum Girl, Produce Stakes quarter-finalist Cleanaway Sheila, and Baby Louise, who won seven opens.