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Most recently Chief Marketing Officer, Naor led sales and marketing efforts of the helicopter charter service initially, and led the growth of the private jet service from under USD 1 million in sales in 2015 to over USD 10 million over a 3-year period.
GnRHR is expressed in the anterior pituitary (Mertani et al., 1996) and is a member of the rhodopsin-like G-protein coupled receptor family (Naor and Huhtaniemi, 2013).
Zur's familiarity with Southeast Asia and the region around Nepal brings this hardboiled novel to life, creating a vibrant, high-risk backdrop for Naor's mission.
Uncertainty avoidant cultures make decisions based on facts rather than intuition (Naor et al., 2010).
Naor, "The regulation of queue size by levying tolls" Econometrica, vol.
Director: Emil Ben Shimon Cast: Evelin Hagoel, Igal Naor, Orna Banay, Einat Sarouf, Aviv Alush
The role of channel branding remains crucial in today's broadcast environment, especially when there are so many choices available to viewers, suggests Daliah Naor, senior marketing solutions manager at Avid.
'Pag nagwala naor would you rather that I will declare martial law (You are the kingpin in the judiciary.
Editors Lewin, Bick, and Naor present readers with a collection of academic essays and scholarly articles covering the intersection of civil religion, politics, and nationalism.
In a letter my cousin Shlomo Naor wrote while he was in Israel, he mentioned that his mother first knew my father's cousin, the writer Joseph Roth, in Vienna.
"Plant indicators have been used, primarily in research, as methods for estimating water stress; and their practical applications in irrigation management are still being developed (NAOR and COHEN, 2003)."