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The Chinese translation of Paul Morand's work had considerable influence on the Shanghai writers in the 1930s, particularly Liu Naou [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and Dai Wangshu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
In the later manuscript there is also a brief tale of Karlsefni's travels which does not stem from either Eiriks saga or Groenlendinga saga: "It is said that porfinnr Karlsefni cut down a tree for carved decoration on the prow and then went to seek Vinland the good, and they came there where they thought this land to be but did not manage to explore or derive any benefits of the land." (pat er sagt, at porfidr Karlsefni hjoggi husasnotru tre ok foeri sidan at leita Vinlands ins goda ok koemi par er peir oetluou bat land ok naou eigi at kanna ok engum landskostum.)