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NAP1Nucleosome Assembly Protein-1
NAP1Nucleosome-Associated Protein 1
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In Canada, epidemiological analysis showed that NAP1 isolates decreased by 29 percent between 2008 and 2013.4 In Europe, studies describe a similar shift.
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Therefore, the aims of this study were to investigate the incidence of CDAD in a tertiary referral hospital, to evaluate associated risk factors and effect on patient morbidity and mortality, to report on the presence of NAP1 and to determine the percentage of CA-CDAD.
difficile (designated as the North American pulse-field type 1 or nucleosome assembly protein-1 (NAP1)) has been implicated in a large number of epidemic outbreaks.
difficile, referred to as the NAP1 strain based on its pulsed field gel electrophoresis pattern.
Many of the most severe cases of CDAD are caused by a new epidemic strain of bacteria, termed North American Pulsed Field type 1 (NAP1) and PCR ribotype 027.
difficile - the NAP1 strain - recently was identified in Lane County.
Unlike a culture, the immunoassay does not detect the North American pulse-field type I (NAP1) strain, a more virulent strain of C.
Eight (67%) had binary toxin genes similar to the epidemic NAP1 strain, and three (25%) were identified as NAP1.