NAPANNational Association of Public Affairs Networks (Hartford, CT)
NAPANNational Association for the Prevention of Addiction to Narcotics (Australia)
NAPANNorthern Adriatic Ports Area Network
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Tom Posey, public media director for the South Carolina ETV Channel and a NAPAN board member, says it's a balancing act to decide what to cover while working for a state agency the legislature funds.
In Napan, Central Timor regency, the spews have created a mound of mud over seven meters high.
Buck's translation of Shi Napan (1290-1365) and Luo Guanzhong's (1330-1400) Chinese martial arts novel "All Men Are Brothers" is now available in a new single volume edition from Moyer Bell.
12321 454 ANANA.SES (tea), BOSOB.ELE (mission in DR Congo), CURUC.UCU (w2), DIVID.ERE (to divide), FARAF.OLO (locality--Mali), GARAG.HEH (stream--Afghanistan) HTITH.ELE (Burma), ITATI.AYA (nz), JIRIJ.ARA (w3), KATAK.ANA (one of the two varieties of the Japanese syllabic writing), LEREL.OHO (East Timor), MATAM.ORO (= 'mattamore', a subterranean habitation), NAPAN.GIG (Philippines), OIDIO.SIS (medical word), PILIP.OVO (Bosnia-Herzegovina), QARAQ.ABA (stream--Kazakstan), REVER.SES, SIWIS.NAN (a destroyed populated place in Iraq), TUNUT.ARA (mountain--New Zealand), UONOU.ASA (mountain--East Timor), VOLOV.AYA Gora (Belarus), WUDUW.ASA (OE from 'wudu' with unexplained 2nd element--oh), YAHAY.EPE (Ghana), ZARAZ.OWO (Bulgaria)
I wish they'd taken the train back over there," says John Williams, owner of Frog's Leap Winery, a Napan blessed with a wry sense of humor.
The agreement calls for the operation of a regular bus service that links the West Timor town of Mota'ain, bordering East Timor, and the town of Napan bordering Oecussi.
(12.) In the old women's words, barha khya napan dyan mawala ?
The partners in PT Chandra Asri have included PT Bimantara Citra of Suharto's second son Bambang Trihatmodjo, PT Barito Pacific Timber's tycoon Prayogo Pangestu and Henry Pribadi of the Napan business group.
(12.) Calderon O, Curaca A, Llancari J, Napan M, Sipan F.