NAPCORNational Association for Pet Container Resources
NAPCORNational Association for Plastic Container Recovery (now National Association for PET Container Resources)
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"We urge manufacturers of PET resin and packaging to refrain from introductions of degradable additive-containing products until data is made available for review and verification so we can better understand these products and their potential ramifications," said Tom Busard, NAPCOR's chairman.
In its 2011 report on US PET recycling activity, NAPCOR highlights lightweighting of plastic bottles as one of the main issues affecting the recycling industry.
Moderator: Dennis Sabourin, NAPCOR. Panelists: Jean Bina, Phoenix Technologies; Phil Cavin, Mohawk Industries; Ron Sherga, Sherresults LLC
According to NAPCOR, this is the highest recycling rate for post-consumer PET containers since 2001.
Adds Keith Boss, vice president for North America, who will represent Sidel within Napcor from his base in Atlanta, Georgia, USA: "We are aware that the environmental aspects of PET are not widely known, that perceptions about this material are not fully in line with reality, that the concerns that regularly come up are due to a lack of knowledge about PET's technical characteristics, and that its recycling rate is still too low."
The new members are the first to join NAPCOR since it relocated earlier this year from Charlotte, N.C., to Sonoma, Calif., where NAPCOR operates under contract with Moore Recycling Associates, a recycling consulting and management firm to the plastics recycling industry since 1989.
NAPCOR and the APC have made efforts to implement programs to reclaim plastic bottles consumed at large public venues, like arenas and sports stadiums.
"The Chinese in particular have stepped up their activities to source post-consumer PET bottles in the U.S.," Luke Schmidt, president of NAPCOR, Charlotte, N.C., says.
With over 225 million lbs recycled in 1990, polyester is the largest post-consumer plastic, according to the National Association for Plastic Container Recovery (NAPCOR).
is funded by a grant from the National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR).
To facilitate the sorting process, members of NAPCOR have pledged to use a voluntary number-coding system developed by The Society of the Plastics Industry, Inc.
"It certainly, over time, should change the demand picture," says Luke Schmidt, president of the National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR), Charlotte, N.C.