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In a 27-page order released on Thursday, the Ombudsman said there was probable cause to hold Aquino criminally liable for 'giving Purisima an active role in Oplan Exodus as he was exercising a degree of authority and discretion over Napeas.'
Napeas did not coordinate the operation with the military, which would have worked with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) for cooperation in Marwan's capture.
The Ombudsman said it found no reason to reverse its earlier indictment for graft and usurpation of powers against Aquino, Purisima and Napeas, especially because it was Aquino's role which set the motion for Purisima's involvement.
Additionally, the Ombudsman has denied the motion filed by the surviving kin of the slain SAF members, appealing the previous decision of the Ombudsman dismissing the reckless imprudence case against Aquino, Purisima and Napeas.
Purisima said he and his coaccused, retired Director Getulio Napeas, former chief of the Special Action Force, could not be accused of being in a conspiracy with Aquino because the latter 'had the authority and prerogative' to call on any person to assist him and bypass any official.
Purisima also claimed the planning of the so-called Oplan Exodus was delegated to Napeas as early as April 2014, and he never performed any function pertaining to his position as PNP chief.