NAPEONational Association of Professional Employer Organizations
NAPEONational Association of Professional Employers (est. 1984; Alexandria, VA)
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The economic analysis examined a variety of data sources, including NAPEO membership data; BLS data; NAPEO's 2014 Financial Ratio and Operating Statistics Survey; Hoovers/Dun & Bradstreet data on all companies classified as PEOs by Hoovers; and detailed administrative data from five selected states.
This co-employment relationship has been summarized by NAPEO, in part, as a contractual relationship whereby the PEO:
The State Department noted that "one of the main objectives of NAPEO is to create a public-private network that encourages American private sector companies and organizations to increase their involvement in the Maghreb region." "NAPEO represents a vehicle by which its members in the United States and in North Africa can identify, initiate, and sustain locally-driven projects that foster economic opportunity (especially for youth), regional integration, entrepreneurship, a positive business climate, and skills training", concluded the statement.
NAPEO's executive vice president, Milan Yager, told The Nation that his industry shares goals with the labor movement, such as workplace safety, benefits and compliance with employment law.
To address those concerns, in 1995, NAPEO established the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC) as an independent, nonprofit organization developed to serve the PEO industry through its accreditation and financial assurance programs.
I appreciate the comments of NAPEO (Letters, August), in which it distinguished the role of professional employer organizations (PEOs) from other employment scenarios, and I wish to respond.
NAPEO membership suggests a company's dedication to high standards and professionalism.
Their stated goal, according to the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO), is to assume responsibility for this function so that client companies can concentrate on doing the work they know best--in LTC's case, caring for the elderly (and meeting all those other regulations).
PEOs represent as many as several thousand SMEs and, as such, may be able to obtain more favorable rates from insurance providers (NAPEO, 1993).
NAPEO member; accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC).
NAPEO predicts a continued growth rate of 20 percent to 30 percent a year.
For more information on PEOs and the PEO industry, you should visit or the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations at