NAPIPMNational Association for Program Information and Performance Measurement
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The APHSA, NASCCA, and NAPIPM joint letter on child care improper payments can be located at http://www.
The AASD and NAPIPM boards also have an opportunity to participate in conference calls with the U.
The NAPIPM board believes that although the amount per state is small, the overall impact for APHSA's budget will be substantial in this time of tight finances for all of us.
APHSA also provides excellent staff support to NAPIPM by acting as a liaison between NAPIPM and other affiliates; participating in monthly board calls; and helping to prepare and coordinate the annual conference.
For the last year, the board members from NSDTA and NAPIPM have been meeting and talking about how we would come together for this conference.
The NAPIPM partnered with APHSA and the National Association of State TANF Administrators to raise concerns with OMB and HHS about whether a TANF National Payment Error Rate, based only on eight states, was reflective of the TANF goals Congress has set for states.
Tell them in two, double-spaced typed pages why you should be selected by the NAPIPM scholarship committee to receive a complimentary 2009 NAPIPM conference registration; please include how you will use the information from the conference in your work and to improve operations.
Conference presentations and handouts are available on the NAPIPM web site at www.