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NAPLPSNorth American Presentation-Level Protocol Syntax
NAPLPSNorth American Presentation Level Protocol Standard (less common)
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Known as AT&T IV-5, the software is intended to support a variety of computer-based information services using either NAPLPS, Prestel or ASCII protocols.
The system has a tree-structure design and also includes keyword search and NAPLPS software packages.
When personal computers with NAPLPS graphics capability become available, Bank of America will be able to upgrade its service to accommodate other videotex-style offerings.
VAX/VTX supports, the major videotex graphics standards, including NAPLPS and Britain's Prestel, and is easily modified to accept others.
Videotex 1100 support Prestel and the European CEPT standard, although Sperry says it is also committed to support all major videotex standards, including NAPLPS, across the entire Series 1100 product line.
The above information on the NAPLPS protocol came from his postings in this area.
There is a great deal of information on the NAPLPS protocol in this discussion topic and some NAPLPS graphic files.
"It's just a question of time." Any databases prepared for the Teletel system, or any other videotex system for that matter, would require conversion to Alex's NAPLPS requirements.
The Alextel operates in NAPLPS and ASCII now, but to position itself for the U.S.
And in Hawaii, where the state's Department of Budget and Finance has set up a nonprofit corporation to develop the first tri-standard (ASCII, Teletel and NAPLPS) gateway for consumer and business services, incorporating Japan's Captain videotex standard was also considered.
Some participants in the industry, however, believe that NAPLPS is the better vehicle for videotex.
now, other than ASCII, is Teletel and not NAPLPS, has a good deal to do with the success of the French model, promoted in this country by very substantial public relations and business development efforts on behalf of the French telematics industry.