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NAPLPSNorth American Presentation-Level Protocol Syntax
NAPLPSNorth American Presentation Level Protocol Standard (less common)
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Its main videotex product is the Series 1 Videotex System (SVS/1), which supports both Prestel and NAPLPS display protocols.
PC/Videotex supports NAPLPS graphics and allows videotex frames to be captured and stored in a library on a disk for replay later.
Interestingly, AT&T has dropped its own NAPLPS standard in favor of ASCII for the service.
The above information on the NAPLPS protocol came from his postings in this area.
There is a great deal of information on the NAPLPS protocol in this discussion topic and some NAPLPS graphic files.
The actual name of the program is Personality+III and it is a telecommunications program that you can use to access a service with NAPLPS graphics.
According to Digital, the following products will also be forthcoming soon: Future versions of VAX VTX that will support NAPLPS and Prestel graphics; support for Prestel graphics on the Professional series of computers; support for NAPLPS graphics on the Rainbow personal computer, and educational programs and workshops to support the product offerings and explain how videotex can be used as a business information tool.
Wang Labs of Lowell, Massachusetts also made its videotex debut at the show with a Prestel software terminal emulator for its Professional Computer, promising versions of the software for NAPLPS, the French Teletel and European CEPT protocols in the coming months.
The Alextel operates in NAPLPS and ASCII now, but to position itself for the U.
now, other than ASCII, is Teletel and not NAPLPS, has a good deal to do with the success of the French model, promoted in this country by very substantial public relations and business development efforts on behalf of the French telematics industry.
The terminal can run in both ASCII and NAPLPS modes, displaying 24 by 80 characters in ASCII and 25 by 40 characters in NAPLPS.