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Other family-related factors contributing to the formation of the juvenile sex offender include early conditioning of non normative sexual environments that consist of such events as pairing of intimacy and aggression and sexualized models of cooperation and objectification (NAPN, 1993).
In 1993, the National Task Force on Juvenile Sex Offending (NTFJSO; NAPN, 1993) issued their final recommendations detailing necessary treatment components of juvenile sex offender treatment programs.
In addition to addressing the treatment issues identified by the NTFJSO (NAPN, 1993), professionals working with juvenile sex offenders must use efficacious counseling theories to ensure effective treatment.
In an effort designed to integrate the current research related to the treatment of juvenile sex offenders (NAPN, 1993) and research related to the efficacy of counseling and psychological theory with such a population, I worked with the agency providing treatment to develop a research-based treatment program for juvenile sex offenders.
In relation to the recommendations by the NTFJSO (NAPN, 1993), the offense cycle treatment module focuses on the identification of thinking errors that lead to and support the continuation of sexual offending behaviors, increased understanding of the role of sexual arousal in sexual offending, management of addictive qualities, identification and interruption of the offense cycle, and the development of internal mastery and control.
This final stage of treatment addresses the following issues identified by the NTFJSO (NAPN, 1993): continued management of addictive qualities and development of relapse prevention strategies.
One of NAPN's reasons for rejecting diversion is to ensure that offenders are held accountable.
In essence, Zimring argues that the NAPN approach casts too wide a net and fails to identify those few juvenile sex offenders who are truly dangerous and deviant.
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