NAPSANational Adult Protective Services Association
NAPSANorth American Power Sweeping Association
NAPSANational Australian Pharmacy Students' Association (Canberra, Australia)
NAPSANational Association of Pretrial Service Agencies
NAPSANational Appliance Parts Suppliers Association
NAPSANorth Atlantic Petroleum Systems Assessment (group)
NAPSANorth American Pediatric Subspecialty Association
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Sanctuaries have been around for decades but, in 2010, more than a half-dozen came together to create NAPSA. Currently, there are eight member sanctuaries, with about 775 primates.
NAPSA is happy to celebrate their contributions and dedication on this special day," said Erika Fleury, NAPSA's Program Director.
NAPSA (National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies) 1978 Release Standards.
The principal occupational or industry award or NAPSA was selected.
The Construction Award contains a transitional provision permitting competency-based progression, but only where it was already provided for under the predecessor pre-reform award, state award or Notional Agreement Preserving a State Award (NAPSA), the federal instrument created as part of the Work Choices reforms.
This Agreement contains a 3.5% pay rise per year for three years and reinstates conditions that nurses lost when they transitioned from the old NAPSA award to the Modern Award.
Advisors who worry about family members or outsiders victimizing their elder clients should welcome the recent alliance between the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) and the National Adult Protective Services Association (NAPSA).
The program incorporates the National Association of Pretrial Service Agencies (NAPSA) Pretrial Release Standards with cutting-edge organizational and leadership strategies and provides participants with a collaborative environment for addressing the practical challenges facing pretrial release executives every day.
Steve and Clare Dixon, who ran NAPSA (North American Pin Shooting Association), took it over for '99, but in 2000 their shoot went on hiatus too.
"As for what's best for us to do at the federal level, it's about taking cues from what NAPSA [the National Adult Protective Services Association] is doing.
(69.) History of NAPSA: The Role of Adult Protective Services in Addressing Abuse, NAT'L ADULT PROTECTIVE SERVS.