NAPSRNational Association of Pipeline Safety Representatives
NAPSRNational Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives
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NAPSR has formed up to 50 committees and task groups to tackle tough issues facing regulators and the industry.
Liaison Committee, focusing on external issues and providing comments and responses on NAPSR positions.
Legislative Committee, monitoring pipeline safety and damage prevention regulations, providing guidance to the membership, and drafting NAPSR comments on current or pending legislation.
Grant Allocation and Strategic Planning Committee, reviewing state program guidelines as issued by PHMSA, reviewing state One Call Grants, providing input for other grants, and helping develop the NAPSR strategic plan.
NAPSR task groups cover subjects such as distribution integrity management, transmission integrity management, risk modeling, excavator damage prevention, API 1104 Welding Standards, API 1171 Gas Storage, emergency response, plastic piping (plastic pipe database committee and ASTM F17 Plastics committee), Common Ground Alliance (various committees), Gas Piping Technology Committee, incident investigation, LP gas small operator guide, Community Technical Assistance Grants, public awareness, operator qualification, and the Gas Pipeline Advisory Committee and Liquids Pipeline Advisory Committee (formerly the Technical Pipeline Safety Standards Committee.
NAPSR also publishes a Compendium of State Pipeline Safety Requirements and Initiative, which outlines the additional rules and regulations each state has in place that are over and above the minimum federal requirements.
The compendium can be accessed on the NAPSR website at www.
The panelist from NAPSR indicated that the information in the September Federal Register Notice that halted the compliance date came directly from discussion of the working group, and that the future of the rule change is uncertain at best because of staff changes at PHMSA and the fact that discussions among the working group have stalled.
The NAPSR representative said that he would "probably agree with many of the elements discussed" and that "contractors want to do a good job.
NAPSR indicated several issues remain to be addressed, including the scope of a final inspection rule, sufficient qualifications of inspectors, required documentation and other specific provisions that need clarification.
Sher says NAPSR has not taken positions yet on any of the issues raised by the proposed rule.
State commissioners from Ohio, Arkansas and Connecticut and North Carolina program manager Jim Anderson provided their views on behalf of NAPSR.