NAPTFNational Airport Pavement Test Facility (near Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA)
NAPTFNational Association for Poetry Therapy Foundation
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In this study, pavement surface deflections measured prior to trafficking have been related to the rutting performance of four flexible pavement test sections at the FAA's National Airport Pavement Test Facility (NAPTF).
The value of about 0.6 as coefficient indicates that the effects of the moisture gradient and the nonlinear component of temperature gradient are significant in deformation behavior during early age JPCP, which is in agreement with the results reported by Hayhoe (2004) from the observation of curling behavior at rigid pavement test items of the Federal Aviation Administration's National Airport Pavement Test Facility (NAPTF).
The 3D finite element model was then validated by Kim and Tutumluer (2008) comparing nonlinear FEM analysis results under multiple wheel loadings with the field-measured pavement responses of a traffic testing conducted by the National Airport Pavement Test Facility (NAPTF).